Mechanical Processes

For the production of the devices in the development area as well as for the individual 3D printer production, besides the 3D printing, a wide range of production processes are required in order to achieve an optimal combination of 3D prints produced in rapid manufacturing using conventionally manufactured components.


The goal is to set the production process on a new level of effectiveness, individuality and speed, and to integrate the new technology of 3D printing as an additional production process.


Despite an immense expansion of manufacturing capabilities with the rapid manufacturing process, it is essential to be able to build a solid base on production machines apart from this technology.


Combinnotec also has a large machine park consisting of CNC production, lathe, laser processing, casting furnace and other machining processes in addition to our various 3D printers.


Due to this wide-ranging machine park and our know-how in the area of the combination with 3D printing, the result is an effective, individually usable production line, which fulfills a maximum of efficiency especially for the customer-specific production.